Best Water Purifier Brands In India 2022

Best Water Purifier Brands In India

Water, as we all know, has the best solvent properties due to which pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and harmful chemicals get dissolved in it very easily making water polluted. Sometimes the waterborne diseases are so serious that they can be life-threatening also. To prevent your loved ones from such hazards, a water purifier is a compulsory appliance in your home.

It is one of the most popular techniques leveraged for purifying drinking water. Therefore, it is extremely essential to invest in the best water purifier in India, Water purifiers make sure to remove the harmful salts and pathogens from water, making them safe for consumption.

This Pureit RO water purifier by HUL offers a seven-stage purification system that includes the RO stage, UV stage, microfiltration membrane, stage, and membrane protector stage. It also comes with a Mineral Cartridge that enriches the water with minerals like calcium, and magnesium. Further, the company notes that the filter in the purifier has a life of 6000L. It should be noted that the water purifier has a storage capacity of 6L.

2. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF

Price: 19,799

This water purifier’s seven-stage RO + UV purification process eliminates harmful substances to dispense clean water. And, its storage capacity of up to 8 L ensures sufficient purified water for a medium to large family. Pureit Copper+ RO+UV+MF is an advanced 7-stage water purifier that uses a unique Copper Charge Technology.If you are someone who is currently using a copper vessel to add the goodness of copper in water then you are already aware of all the manual effort. Very high purification capacity of up to 28 litres/hour.

3. Aquaguard Glory 6 L RO + UV + MTDS Water Purifier

Price: 14,999
The Aquaguard Glory water purifier by Eureka-Forbes also offers a seven-stage water purification system. This includes the I-Filter, Chemi-Block, Membrane Life Enhancer, RO Membrane, UE e-boiling, Taste Adjuster and Active Copper Technology.
The latter is a patented technology that is said to infuse copper ions along with other essential minerals into the water. Meanwhile, the Taste Adjuster is said to ensure sweet-tasting water, irrespective of the source.

4. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier

Price: 13,799

Can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm. Designed to treat multiple sources of water: Borewell, Tanker, or Tap water. Included in the box: Water Purifier, Installation Kit, External Sediment Filter

Installation: Free installation is provided by the brand. Please wait for 24 hrs for the brand to contact you post-delivery for metro cities. For others, please wait for 48 hrs for the brand to contact you post-delivery.

Product Dimensions: Length 45.5 cm X Width 31.0 cm X Height 67.0 cm Warranty: 1 year on the product (Consumables & additional accessories are not covered in warranty) Best Water Purifier Brands In India


5. Pureit by HUL ULTIMA MINERAL 10 L RO + UV + MF Water Purifier

Price: 14,599

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF water purifier provides advanced 7-stage purification and includes mineral cartridge that adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance the taste of water. Digital Purity Indicator on the water purifier senses water quality upto 5000 times per second to assure you the quality of water The device features an advance alert and an auto-shut off system that makes sure you never get impure water.

6. Pureit ULTIMA nxt Mineral RO+UV+MF 10 L RO + UV + MF Water Purifier

Price: 23,324

The model comes in black and blue color. Moreover, the model has Capacity: 10 liters, Power: 60 watts, Input Water Temperature: 10˚ to 40˚C, Operative Input voltage: 100 -300V ac; 50Hz, Material tank type: Food grade engineered plastic. Purified Water flow rate [Average] Approximately 9 – 12 Litre per Hour, can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm. Please use a TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water source before buying a water purifier.

HUL Pureit Ultima Nxt Mineral RO+UV+MF water purifier provides advanced 7-stage purification and includes mineral cartridge that adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to enhance the taste of water. It has one of a kind automated water fill feature for better convenience. Digital Purity Indicator on the water purifier senses water quality upto 5000 times per second.


7. Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+UF+MTDS+Active Copper+Mineral Guard+UV e-boiling

Price: 11,499

RO technology removes TDS, hardness, pesticides & heavy metals & also eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa & cysts. UV e-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is as healthy & safe as water boiled for 20 minutes. Taste Adjuster (MTDS) controller enables adjustment of taste depending upon the source of water Mineral Guard Technology for retaining essential minerals in your water

It has a sediment and pre-carbon filter that removes most of the dust particles and dissolved salts. The RO membrane removes the waste chemicals and heavy metals dissolved in water. It can remove life-threatening contaminants like lead, mercury, etc., found in industrial wastewater sources.

8. KENT Grand 8-Litres RO+UV/UF+TDS Water Purifier

Price: 17,000

KENT Grand+ uses a futuristic technology to provide you completely safe and clean drinking water. The stylish and transparent design shows off KENT’s patented Mineral RO Technology and an inbuilt TDS controller that retains essential natural minerals in the purified water. The double purification technology of RO+UV/UF to remove dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts to make water safe for consumption.

9. AquaSure From Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Brands In India
Best Water Purifier Brands In India

Price: 9,799

Get a steady supply of fresh-tasting water with the safe and easy-to-operate Eureka Forbes AquaSure 7 L water purifier. It has a multi-stage purification process with MTDS technology to give you bacteria-free pure water to keep you healthy at all times. It can lower the TDS level about 90 percent and the TDS regulator can be adjusted according to your requirement. Furthermore, it prevents energy wastage by switching off automatically which makes it a smart pick. Best Water Purifier Brands In India

10. V-Guard Zenora RO+UV+MB 7 Litre Water Purifier

Price: 9,894

The V-Guard Zenora 7 L RO + UV + MB water purifier not only purifies your drinking water by eliminating impurities but also improves the taste so that you can drink clean water. With a tank capacity of up to 7 L, this water purifier ensures that you have a ready supply of purified drinking water even during long power cuts. Best Water Purifier Brands In India

We understand Indian water conditions are unique, that is why our engineers put in years of research to make sure ZENORA has been perfected for them before it comes to you. Its intelligent design, combining world-class RO Membrane with effective multi-stage pre- and post-treatment, guarantees effective elimination of impurities commonly found in Indian water supply and long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance hassles.

Best Water Purifier Brands In India (FAQ):

Which is the No 1 water purifier in India?

1 Rk Aquafresh India Az Series K200 ₹ 5,399
2 Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01 ₹ 9,299

Which is the best brand for water purifiers?

  1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier.
  2. AO Smith X2 5 L UV Ultraviolet + Ultra Fine Water Purifier. Etc

Which Kent model is best?

KENT Supreme Extra 2020 (11113), Zero Water Wastage, Wall Mountable, RO + UV + UF + Alkaline + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water Purifier.

Why Kent RO is good?

Makes Water 100% Pure. KENT RO Water Purifiers remove bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides to make water 100% pure and healthy.

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