10 Best Watch Brands in India

Best Watch Brands in India

Best Watch Brands in India, Hello & Welcome Everyone in our new post let’s talk about the 10 Best Watch Brands in India, It is good if you want to know about the best watch brands in India before buying your next watch.

Watches are a classic fashion investment. Sleek, stylish, and functional, this is a must-have unisex accessory that is sure to keep you on track with your style and your life goals. Spanning luxury to retail watches come in all sizes, shapes, and brands.

Are you wondering which one is for you? The best watch brands in India range from affordable to high-end and there is something out there for everyone! No matter what your budget is, or whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, or a home-maker – this is an accessory you will never regret buying.

1. Titan

Best Watch Brands in India
Best Watch Brands in India

Titan Watches, one of India’s leading watch brands that brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market, with the quartz technology and international styling. … The division has a world-class design studio that constantly invents new trends in wrist watches.

Coming to the question, Titan watches are considered as a well-known brand. It feels proud to say that Titan is an Indian brand and is well praised by Indians. Titan watches are really durable and their collections such as Raga, Grandmaster, Octane, Edge, Nebula, Xylys are amazing pieces of engineering.

Price Range: Rs.1000- Rs.1, 48,000.

2. Fastrack


Fastrack was launched in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. Since then, it has carved a niche for itself with watches and sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable. … Today, the brand has successfully notched up the title of being the most loved youth fashion brand in the country.

The brand is specifically popular among teenagers and young adults. Fastrack is popular for refreshing designs. Launched in 2008, Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan. It is one of the fastest-growing brands for casual watches for men and women. Fastrack also has a presence in the value for money smartwatch segment in India.

Price Range: Rs. 750 – Rs. 5500

3. Timex

The watch brand is popular for affordable and sleek designs. Timex is an American manufacturing company founded in 1854. The watch is a fusion of Italian design and German engineering. Timex is the second most popular wristwatch brand in India. The brand has a market reputation for durability and efficiency. Best Watch Brands in India

Price Range: Rs.500- Rs. 18000

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger counts as one of the best watch brands for women in India thanks to its relatively affordable designer time-pieces and high-end quality. These stylish watches are classic, simple, and premium. A Tommy Hilfiger on the wrist spells good taste, an eye for style and an evolved fashion sense.

“TH” is one of the best watch brands in India for those who want to stand out just the right amount and still keep things versatile.

Price Range: Rs. 5000 – Rs. 50,000

5. Rolex

Rolex is a luxury Watchmaker. It is one of the most expensive watch brands in the world. Rolex watches are adorned by the elite. The brand has a wide range of watches with modern designs. Rolex watches are made from the highest quality stainless steel and golden electroplating.

The brand offers a perfect combination of style and functionality. Choose your favourite materials, bezels, dials, and bracelets. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Rolex was originally founded in 1905. The company registered Rolex as the brand name in 1908.

Price Range: Rs. 5000 – Rs. 426018

6. Maxima


The brand is popular for high product standards and affordable pricing. Maxima watches are available in every part of the country.

Maxima Watch collection offers something for everyone. Super Aqua is a collection of waterproof watches. While Avventura is a collection of Sports watches from Maxima. The Attivo collection of Maxima is youth-centric with trendy styles. Best Watch Brands in India

Price Range: Rs. 7,890 – Rs. 1,39,999

7. Swatch 

The Swiss watch brand was founded in 1983. Swatch is popular for colourful watches and elegant metal watches for men and women. Swatch is a luxury watch brand with various collections for every type of wearer. The watches are fun, comfortable and at the same time classy.

Price Range: Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 45,000

8. Rado 

Rado is a famous luxury watch brand. The Swiss luxury watchmaker is popular for innovative designs and high-tech materials. Rado is one of the most forward thing brands in the market. Popular Rado collection of watches are Golden Horse, Hyperchrome, True Thinline, Captain Cook, and Florence.  Best Watch Brands in India

Price Range: Rs. 7,890 – Rs. 1,39,999

9. Daniel Klein


Daniel Klein is a fashion watch brand based in Hong Kong. The global brand was first launched in 1973. The popular brand brings high fashion watches at affordable prices. Daniel Klein watches range from Rs. 695 to Rs. 1995. If you want a bold and colourful watch then you should check the collection of Daniel Klein.

Price Range: Rs. 695 – Rs. 1995

10. Casio

The Japanese electronics company has a strong presence in India. Casio is one of the most sought after watch brands all over the world. Casio watches are very high tech. Although the brand is popular for its hi-tech watches, but Casio offers plenty of affordable watches as well.

The newest collection of the ‘G’ comes with exciting features like a built-in altimeter, navigating compass, bluetooth connectivity and a world timer accurate to 1-2 seconds a month. And such is their durability (mentioning it for the third time now) that G-Shocks last for generations rather than years

Price Range: Rs.700- Rs. 27000

Best Watch Brands (FAQs):

Q 1. Which brand watch is best for men in India?

  1. Titan
  2. Casio

Q 2. Which brand is best for men’s watches?

  1. Rolex.
  2. Patek Philippe.
  3. Audemars Piguet.
  4. A.Lange & Söhne.

Q 3. Which is the No 1 watch brand in world?

Patek Philippe

Q 4. What’s the most expensive watch?

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010, fetching US$31.19 million.

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